EDS 151 Activity 2 (Mod 3)

One of the most talked about topic on social media these days is Republic Act 10913, better known as the Anti-Distracted Driving Act. This was finally implemented in full effect starting this week. When news first came out, there were lots of questions and confusion about this law. The MMDA decided to put out an informational primer, both online and printed handout, in attempt to educate the public. Based on the design principles discussed in this module, I will try evaluate its effectiveness.


Consider the audience and the purpose – First of all, the target audience for the primer is the general motoring public. I think this would have been more effective if delivered in Filipino.

Consider the content – There is an attempt to make it simple, but considering the many questions raised about the law, the content does not help and may raise more questions. For example, it simply states that making or receiving calls is prohibited, when the law in fact allows hands-free calling.

Layout of the page –  Showing a picture of a car dashboard is effective in driving the point about where you are allowed to place a device. However, the placement of the text boxes within the image does not give importance to the message.

Consider the Typography – Poor contrast and poor choice of font and color.


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